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Release Year - 1976
# 1
Sangeet cheez hi aaisi hai ... saaz ho ya awaaz, kaano mein padte hi dil ke taar jhun-jhuna uthte hai ... aur chanchal mann ko shanti mil jaati hai
Music is such a thing ... be it a musical instrument or a voice, the moment it reaches the ears the strings of the heart start to dance ... and the soft heart comes to peace
# 2
Jeevan mein mahan wohi hota hai ... joh doosron ki muskaan ke liye apne aasoon pee le
A person is defined great in life ... if he drinks his own tears for the smile of others
# 3
Mere sapne ka sambandh aankhon se nahi hai, dil se hai ... jise mehsoos kiya ja sakta hai, dekha nahi ja sakta
My dream is connected to my heart, and not my eyes ... hence you can feel it, but can't see it
# 4
Joh doosron ka adhikar cheenane mein kamyab nahi hote ... woh kisi na kisi tarah unki zindagi mein zehar bhar dete hai
Those who are unsuccessful in snatching the rights of others ... they somehow or the other fill poison in their life
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