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Khatron Ke Khiladi

Release Year - 1988
# 1
Koi shayar, koi pagal, koi bepeer ban jaye ... teri tasveer joh dekhe woh khud tasveer ban jaye
People might become a poet, or a crazy person, or unforgiving ... the one who sees your photo will himself turn into a photo
# 2
Aurat aur zevar dono ka sangam is duniya ki sabse badi sundarta hai
The union of a woman and jewellery is the biggest beauty of this world
# 3
Bhagwan ki adalat ka faisla insaan ko pata nahi chalta ... is liye woh gunah pe gunah kiye jaata hai ... aur insaan ki adalat kabhi kabhi faisla karne mein dokha kha jaati hai ... is liye maine banayi hai teesri adalat joh tum jaise hathyaron ko sazaa degi ... saza-e-maut
A human doesn't come to know of the decision in the court of god ... that's why he keeps on committing crimes ... and sometimes the court of humans makes a mistake in taking decisions ... that's why I've made a third court which will punish killers like you ... with the punishment of death
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