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Release Year - 1982
# 1
Bada aadmi agar banna ho ... toh choti harkatein mat karna
If you want to become a big man ... then stop doing small things
# 2
Aap badhe nahin hue hain ... amir hue hain, sirf amir ... aapki tijori toh badhi ho gayi hai lekin aapka dil bahut hi chota ho gaya hai
You have not grown up ... you have become rich, just rich ... your locker has become big but your heart has become very small
# 3
Kagazaat par dastakhat main hamesha apne kalam se karta hoon
I always sign papers with my own pen
# 4
Log toh budhe hokar naukri se retire hote hain ... lekin aap toh mujhe rishtey se retire kar rahen hain
People retire from a job once they get old ... but you are retiring me from relationships
# 5
Tum mujhe naukar hone se kya retire karoge ... main khud tumhe malik hone se retire karta hoon
What will you retire me from the servants post ... I myself am retiring you from bosses post
# 6
Agar zindagi mein bada banna hai toh ek baat yaad rakho dost ... apni taqdeer ke vidhaata khud bano
My friend, if you want to become big in life then remember one thing ... you yourself should become the Lord of your destiny
# 7
Hum ladta nahi, ladwata hai ... hum karta nahi, karwata hai ... hum maarta nahi, marwata hai
I don't fight, I make others fight ... I don't do things, I make others do ... I don't kill, I get others killed
# 8
Agar main chor hoon toh mujhse chori karane waale tum ho ... aur agar main mujrim hoon toh mujhse jurm karane waale bhi tum ho
If I am a robber then you are the one who made me do the robbery ... and if I am a criminal then you are also the one who made me do the crime
# 9
Bina maqsad fight nahi karna ... aur agar maqsad mil jaye toh peeche nahi hatna
Don't fight without a reason ... and when you have a reason then don't backup
# 10
Nahi chahiye yeh imaarate ... jinke banane mein pani ki jagah gareebo ka paseena mila ho
I don't want these buildings ... which are built using the sweat of the poor people instead of water
# 11
Mard log haath se ladte hai ... chaku se nahi
Men fight with hands ... not with a knife
# 12
Naya naya hosh hai aur naya naya josh hai
You have a new character and a new spirit
# 13
Crime ki duniya mein ek baar entry lene ke baad ... dobara ruksat hona namumkin hai
Once you enter in the world of crime ... then it is impossible to leave
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