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Release Year - 2017
# 1
Apna aakhri shradh mana le ... kyun ki iske baad tere haath aur hathyar bhi kaam nahi aayenge
Celebrate your last death ceremony ... because after this even your hands and weapons won't be useful for you
# 2
Ek second lagega tujhe maarne mein ... lekin nahi ... tujhe har din maarunga, har second maarunga
It'll take me one second to kill you ... but no ... I'll kill you every day, I'll kill you every second
# 3
Hide and seek toh bache khele hai ... yo hide and cheek hai
Kids play the game of hide and seek ... but this is hide and scream
# 4
Ek ladki ka maika hota hai, sasural hota hai ... par ghar kahan hota hai?
A girl has her parents house, her in-laws house ... but where is her home?
# 5
Jab tak haarne ka darr na ho na ... tab tak jeetne mein maza nahi aata
Until you don't have the fear of losing ... till then there's no fun in winning
# 6
Hone wale miyan ke tareefon ke pul baand rahe hai ... baraat kam lagta hai khule saand khade hai ... aise bhi kya heere jadhe hai ... darshan chote bas naam badhe hai
Everyone is praising the to be groom ... they seem more like wild bulls rather than the wedding procession ... does he have diamonds on him ... only his name is big but his deeds are small
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