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Vikram Gokhale

# 1
Tum apni maut ki taraf chal nahi ... balki daud rahe ho
You are not walking towards your death ... infact you are running towards it
# 2
Jhoota gale se gaata hai, bhooka pet se gaata hai ... lekin sachcha dil se gaata hai
A liar sings from the throat, a hungry person sings from the stomach ... but a honest person sings from the heart
# 3
Taqdeerein badalne ke liye ... ek lamha bhi kaafi hota hai
To change destinies ... even a single moment is enough
# 4
Ek shehar mein do gangs nahi honi chahiye ... varna doosri gang ka istamal koi teesra karta hai
There shouldn't be two gangs in the city ... or else a third gang uses the second gang
# 5
Isse kehte hai politics ... har cheez ka sahi waqt par, sahi dhang se istamal karne ka hunar hona chahiye ... joh achcha chal raha hai usse bhigaadna aana chahiye ... joh bhigad raha hai usse sudhaarna aana chahiye
This is called as politics ... in which you need to have the talent to use everything at the right time and in the right manner ... you should know how to spoil things that are going well ... and you should know how to improve things that are going bad
# 6
Sacha pyar hamesha vishvas, sabra aur tyag se hi panapta hai
True love always grows with trust, patience and sacrifice
# 7
Is shehar ki khushboo woh bheeni bheeni raat ... bhatke sari duniya, na mili Lucknow waali baat
That beautiful night with the fragrance of this city ... I roamed all around the world, but there was nothing like Lucknow
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