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Manish Chaudhary

# 1
Mann ka ho toh acha ... na ho toh aur bhi acha ... kyun ki woh eeshwar ki marzi hai
If it's from the heart then good ... if not, then it's even better ... since that's the wish of God
# 2
Imaandari insaan ko footpath pe leke jaati hai
Honesty takes a human onto the sidewalk
# 3
Jab khoon pasina ek saath kagaz par chapta hai na ... table bed ban jaati hai aur office ghar ... bhook pyas bhool jaati hai ... baal bachche rul jaate hai ... tab jaake saali company banti hai
When blood and sweat are printed together on a paper ... when the table becomes the bed and the office becomes the home ... when hunger forgets the thirst ... then a company is made
# 4
Har aadmi mein do tarah ki quality hoti hai ... upar le jaane waali aur neeche le jaane waali ... aur dono mein se joh quality jeet jaati hai, woh vaisi zindagi jee jaata hai
In every person there are two types of qualities ... the one that takes you up and the one that takes you down ... and the quality that wins between these two, the person lives that kind of life
# 5
Zero bhi bade kaam ki cheez hoti hai ... agar use karne waala uski value pakde ... sahi jagah par laga do, toh saale ko jitni baar lagaoge ... utna hi fayda hoga
Zero is a very useful thing ... if the one using it understands it's value ... if you apply it in the right place, then how many ever times you apply it ... that much profitable you'll be
# 6
Footpath pe sangemarmar chadhane se woh Taj Mahal nahi ho jaata ... footpath hi rehta hai
If you put marble on a footpath then it doesn't become into a Taj Mahal ... it still remains as a footpath
# 7
Himmat toh josh mein aakar koi bhi dikha sakta hai ... par sabar se kaam lena yeh har kisi ke bas ki baat nahi hai ... aur yahi fark hai ek amateur aur ek professional ke beech
Anyone can show their courage in the heat of the moment ... but not everyone is capable of handling the situation with patience ... and that shows the difference between an amateur and a professional
# 8
Yeh pyar naam ka virus hota hi bada gadbad hai
The virus which is called as love is very problematic
# 9
Pyar badi harami cheez hoti hai ... kisi ke marne ki wajah hi nahi ... maarne ka maqsad bhi dhoond hi leti hai
Love is very evil ... not just the reason for someone's death ... but it also finds the motive for killing someone
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