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Release Year - 2018
# 1
Jab tak khud ki Sita ka haran nahi hota ... koi aadmi Ram nahi banta
Until your own wife is kidnapped ... till that time a husband doesn't turn into Lord Rama
# 2
Power hi hai bhaiya joh aadmi ko banati hai phamous
Power is the thing that makes a person famous
# 3
Dhakad woh hai jiske haath mein bandook aake bandook phamous ho jaati hai ... jiske seene mein goli ghuske goli phamous ho jaati hai
A person is called courageous when he takes a gun in his hand, and that gun becomes famous ... and when a bullet enters his body, it makes that bullet famous
# 4
Tumhe pyar karenge, tumhari raksha karenge ... joh hummo bhagwan bhi hum dono ke beech mein aayo ... toh maa kasam, hum uski bhakti chhod denge
I'll love you and I'll protect you ... even if god comes in between the two of us ... then I swear on my mother, I'll end my devotion for him
# 5
Saand, seedi, sanyasi ... jinse bacho toh bhogo Kaashi
A bull, a ladder, and a hermit ... if you can avoid these then you'll attain the holy place of Varanasi
# 6
Taqat aisi cheez hai joh agar behisaab ho ... toh saare hisaab bighad jaate hai
Power is such a thing that if you have it beyond limits ... then it destroys all your limits
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