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Release Year - 1993
# 1
Aurat ka dil toh itna vishal hota hai ... ki sari duniya ki khushi us mein samaa jaye
The heart of a woman is so big that ... all the happiness of the world can fit in it
# 2
Dosti bhulayi ja sakti hai ... dushmani nahi
Friendship can be forgotton ... but not enmity
# 3
Dushmani ki talvar ki dhaar ek taraf nahi hoti hai ... dono taraf hoti hai
The sword of enmity is not sharp only on one side ... it is sharp on both the sides
# 4
Insaan halaat ke bas mein hota hai ... halaat insaan ke bas mein nahi hote hai
A human is controlled by situations ... situations are not controlled by humans
# 5
Jab khushi itni zyada hoti hai ki dil mein nahi samaa paati ... toh aankhon se jhalak jaati hai
When there is so much happiness that it doesn't fit in the heart ... then it comes out in the form of tears
# 6
Maut toh har kisi ko aati hai ... nahi aati toh bas pyar ko maut nahi aati ... kabhi nahi aati
Death comes to everyone ... the only thing that doesn't die is love ... never
# 7
Meetha bol bada anmol!
Sweet words are very precious!
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