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Release Year - 1993
# 1
Main gareebi ka woh nivala hoon ... joh amir ke gaale mein atak jaye toh uska halak cheer ke rakh de
I'm that bite of poverty ... which if it gets stuck in the throat of a rich person then it tears apart his interiors
# 2
Ittihas yeh nahi dekhta kya sahi tha, kya galat ... kya mushkil tha, kya aasaan ... yaad toh yahi reh jaata hai ki kaun jeeta aur kaun haara
History doesn't look at what was right and what was wrong ... what was hard and what was easy ... the only thing that gets remembered is who won and who lost
# 3
Shaheedon ke mazaaron par diye zaroor jalte hai ... lekin unke gharon mein choolay tak nahi jalte
Candles definitely light up on the shrine of martyrs ... but the stoves in their house don't light up
# 4
Mehfil lagi hai yahan mohabbat karne waalon ki ... koi lutta hai toh koi lootta hi hai ... dilon ke khel mein aksar kahin na kahin sheesha tootta hi hai
There is a party here of people in love ... some lose and some only steal ... often in the game of hearts a mirror breaks somewhere or the other
# 5
Maal hai aur malamaal bhi hai!
She is gorgeous and rich as well!
# 6
Zindagi kisi ek ke ho jaane ka naam hai ... kisi ko lootne ka nahi ... kisi pe lut jaane ka naam hai
Life is all about becoming of one person ... it's not about stealing from someone ... it's about dying for someone
# 7
Deewane se deewangi ka sabak na poochna ... woh khud nahi jaanta ki woh deewana kyun hai
Don't ask a lover about what he learned in craziness ... he himself doesn't know as to why he is crazy in love
# 8
Zindagi maaze lene ka naam hai ... kuch dene ka naam hai ... aur bahut kuch lene ka naam hai
Life is all about having fun ... it's all about giving something ... and it's all about taking a lot
# 9
Tumhare haathon ke upar aur haath hai ... aur un haathon ke upar aur kahi haath hai ... aur in sab haathon ki dor mere haath mein hai
There are hands above your hands ... and there are many more hands above those hands ... and the string of all those hands is in my hand
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