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Release Year - 1998
# 1
Masle hal hote hai pyar se, vishvas se, aman se
Problems are solved with love, with trust, with peace
# 2
Reaction zyada, action zero
There is more reaction and zero action
# 3
Is desh mein insaaf kachhue ki chaal chalta hai
In this country justice moves at the pace of a tortoise
# 4
Neta, sadhu, mafia ... gum ki tarah chipke hue hai hamare desh ke shareer se
Politicians, saints, mafia ... are stuck to the body of our country like glue
# 5
Ab khel hoga ... lekin mohre unke honge aur chaal hamari hogi
Now we'll play the game ... but the pawns will be theirs and the ploy will be ours
# 6
Duniya mein har dharm ke liye alag alag desh hai ... koi Hindu rashtra hai, koi Muslim, koi Isai ... sirf hamara Hindustan ek aaisa desh hai ... jiske dil mein har dharm ke logon ke liye jagah hai
In this world for every religion there is a different country ... some are Hindu countries, some are Muslim, some are Christian ... but our India is one such country ... which has a place for people of every religion in its heart
# 7
Takleefein hi aadmi ko mazboot banati hai
Pains make a man tougher
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