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Desi Kattey

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Hum inaam mein saansein dete hai ... toh sazaa mein saansein cheen lete hai
I give life as a gift ... hence I take life as a punishment
# 2
Galiyan goliyon waali, dosti sadiyon waali ... the shaakon ke kadak patte, jinhe kehte the desi kattey
The streets were full of bullets, the friendship was from ages ... they were fresh leaves from the branches, whom we called as the local gangsters
# 3
Yeh jail ki salakhein hum mein qaid kar sakti hai ... hamari badshahat ko nahi
The bars of the jail can lock me up ... but not my rulership
# 4
Jab tak seh sakte the seh liye ... jab bardasht nahi hua toh thok diya
I beared until I could ... and I shot once I couldn't bear it anymore
# 5
Jin khoja tin paiyan, gehre pani paith ... aur tu banwari dooban gayi, rahi kinare baith
Those who seek will find, but one needs to dive deep ... and you were scared of drowning, so you sat on the shore
# 6
Jeetna sabhi chahte hai ... lekin jeetta sirf woh hai ... joh apna sab kuch bhulakar sirf apne maqsad ko jeetta hai
Everyone wants to win ... but only that person wins ... who forgets his everything and only wins his goal
# 7
Musibate teen sau saat ... phir bhi saala thaat pe thaat
The problems of section 307 (of The Indian Penal Code) are on you ... but still you're showing attitude
# 8
Dheere dheere re mana, dheere sab kuch hoye ... aur maali seenche sau ghada, ritu aave phal hoye
Slowly slowly O mind, everything happens at its own pace ... the gardener may water with a hundred pots, but the fruit arrives only in its season
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