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The Zoya Factor

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Success mein na luck ka koi importance nahi hota hai ... woh sirf failure ke liye ek bahana hai
Luck has no importance when it comes to success ... that's just a reason used for failure
# 2
Players ka skill yeh tay karta hai ki ball ki speed kya hogi ... bat ka angle kya hoga ... aur fielder kis second pe upar koodhega ... par catch hoga ya sixer ... yeh toh sirf luck factor pe depend karta hai
The skill of players determines what will be the speed of the ball ... what will be the angle of the bat ... and at what second should the fielder jump up ... but will it be a catch or a six ... that only depends on the luck factor
# 3
Dengue, malaria, polio ... inse bhi zyada khatarnak bimaari hai cricket
Dengue, malaria, polio ... even these diseases are nothing in front of cricket
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