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Global Baba

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Desh do hi log chalate hai ... mahatma aur Gandhi ... mahatma woh jinke gunahon ka koi saboot na ho
Only two people run this country ... a holy person and Mahatma Gandhi (money) ... a person is called holy when there are no proofs to his crime
# 2
Baba matlab note jhapat ... dikha jannat ka shortcut
A religious saint means to jump on money ... by showing people the shortcut to heaven
# 3
Media, maaldaaron se aur babaon se ... jitna door rahe utna hi acha hai
Media, rich people and religious saints ... the more distance you keep from them, the better it is
# 4
Police wale do hi mauke par muft ki daawat dete hai ... ek baar tab jab usse apni vardi utarne ka khatra ho ... aur doosri baar jab usse sarkar se medal milne ki umeed ho
A police officer gives a treat only under two circumstances ... one when he's concerned that he's going to loose his job ... and second when he has the hope of getting a medal from the government
# 5
Yeh Global Baba ka kal kya hoga pata nahi ... lekin aaj iska bal global hai
We don't know what will happen to Global Baba tomorrow ... but today his power is global
# 6
Global Godfather tak pahuncha doonga aap sabon arzi ... baki unki marzi
I'll take your request to Global Godfather ... beyond that it's upto him
# 7
Jab do akalmand ek doosre ko bewakoof banate hai ... toh is mein samay aur shabdh dono barbaad hote hai
When two smart people try to make a fool out of each other ... then in that both time and words are wasted
# 8
Murkhon ke mohalle mein sayano ka jhopda ... kahan se chalaye is duniya mein samajhdhari ka rokda
Smart people have a hut in the colony of fools ... how can I use the currency of sense in this world
# 9
Jantantra ka mantra yahi hai ... jiske saath janta us hi ka kaam banta
The mantra of democracy is that ... the one who has people on his side, he's the one with power
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