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Release Year - 1999
# 1
Zindagi achche burre tajurbon ka silsila hai ... burre ko toh bhool jaana chahiye aur achche ko seene se lagake rakhna chahiye
Life is a sequence of good and bad experiences ... you should forget the bad ones and you should keep the good ones close to your heart
# 2
Jab mohabbat ki aag dahek uthti hai na toh woh mandir aur masjid ki taraf nahi dekhta hai ... un aankhon mein sirf dekhta hai jinhe woh pyar karta hai
When the fire of love erupts then one doesn't look towards temples or mosques ... but they only look into the eyes of the person whom they love
# 3
Tumko kya malum Shabnam guzarti kaisi hai meri raatein ... teri tasveer aankhon mein basaye bhatakta rehta hoon, karta hoon bas tumhari baatein ... tum shama ho Shabnam aur Manzoor parwana ... tumse lipatkar jalne ko tayaar hai deewana
Shabnam you don't know how I spend my nights ... I keep wandering with your picture in my eyes and I only talk about you ... Shabnam you're a lamp and Manzoor is a moth ... this crazy lover is ready to burn in your arms
# 4
Jahan jahan hum mohabbat karne waalon ka khoon girega ... hazaron deewane pehda honge
Wherever the blood of lovers like us will fall ... over there thousands of lovers will be born
# 5
Aag lagane ke liye sirf ek maachis ki teeli bahut hoti hai ... magar usse bhujane ke liye shehar ka saara pani bhi kam padh jaata hai
Only one matchstick is enough to start a fire ... but even the entire water of the city is not enough to erase it
# 6
Dharam aadmi ko khuda se aur aadmi ko aadmi se jodhta hai
Religion connects a human to god and a human to a human
# 7
Koi bhi baat agar zor zabardasti se manvayi jaye ... chahe woh mazhab ke baare mein ho, apne aqeeday, apne imaan ke baare mein ho ... ya phir apne usoolon ke baare mein ho ... uska asar zyada der nahi rehta aur nateeja tabahi hi hota hai
If you get something done forcefully ... whether that's for religion, for your deism, for your faith ... or may be for your principles ... the effect of that doesn't last long and the result is always destruction
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