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Kaala Samrajya

Release Year - 1999
# 1
Zindagi mein kuch gham aaise bhi hote hai ... jinse insaan ka rishta zindagi bhar ka hota hai
In life there are some sorrows ... with which a person has a relationship for the entire life
# 2
Pati woh hota hai jise patni parmeshwar samajhkar poojti hai ... ek kamzor aur besahara aurat par zulm karne waala pati nahi ... rakshas kehlata hai
A husband is someone whom a wife worships as god ... and a person who does injustice on a weak and helpless woman is not called a husband ... but he is called a devil
# 3
Aurat ka dil atyachar se nahi ... pyar se jeeta jaata hai
A woman's heart is won with love ... and not with oppression
# 4
Aurat jis aadmi ka daaman chhodkar bhaagna chahe ... woh mard nahi namard hota hai
When a woman wants to leave and run away from the company of a man ... then that man is not a man
# 5
Ghayal sher aur taqatwar dushman ka shikaar karne mein bahut mazaa aata hai
It's great fun to hunt a wounded tiger and a powerful enemy
# 6
Jab time palti ho jaata hai na ... toh bete ko baap banne mein time nahi lagta
When the time changes ... then it doesn't take time for the son to become the father
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