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Enemy Dialogues

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# 61
Hamare dhande mein hum doston se zyada dushmano ki khabar rakhte hai
In our business we keep more news about our enemies than that of our friends
# 62
Kabhi kabhi dosti nibhane ke liye ... doston ke saath thodi dushmani bhi karni padti hai
Sometimes to fulfill friendship ... you also have to become a small enemy of your friend
# 63
Kanoon ka dost mera dost ... kanoon ka dushman mera dushman
A friend of the law is my friend ... and an enemy of the law is my enemy
# 64
Hamare saare dushmano ki ek list banao ... aur phir hamare har dushman aur har hone waale dushman ko, ek ek karke us list se mitta do
Make a list of all our enemies ... and then one by one, erase all our enemies and enemies to be from that list
# 65
Zindagi mein aapsi dushmani se zyada ... apne apne fayde ka khayal rakhna chahiye
In life more than personal animosity ... you should care about your own profit
# 66
Lagale zor jitna teri taqdeer mein hai ... dushman ko rokna hamari fitrat mein hai
Try as much as you can with your luck ... but it is my habit to stop my enemy
# 67
Agar tumhare jaise dost is duniya mein hue ... toh kya zaroorat hai dushmano ki
If one has friends like you in the world ... then what is the need of enemies
# 68
Apna ussool kehta hai ... jab dushman ki umar badh jaaye toh usse dosti karlo ... apni umar badh jaati hai
My rule says that ... when the life of your enemy increases then befriend him ... it increases your life also
# 69
Sab kehte hai unse hamara chatees ka aankada hai ... humse poocho toh chatees chaubees chatees ka aankada hai
Everyone says that we are enemies ... but if you ask me then the numbers are 36-24-36
# 70
Main jab bhi kisise dushmani mod leta hoon ... saste mehenge ki parvah nahi karta
Whenever I take enemity against someone ... I don't care about its cost
# 71
Main sirf do kisam ke insaanon ko pehchaanta hoon ... ek dost aur doosra dushman
I only know people of two types ... one friend and second enemy
# 72
Talwar woh hathyar hai joh dost ke haath mein ho toh usse badkar koi dost nahi ... aur agar yahi talwar dushman ke haath lag jaye toh usse bura koi dushman nahi
A sword is a weapon which when is held by a friend then there is no bigger friend than him ... and if the same sword is held by an enemy then there is no bigger enemy than him
# 73
Mohabbat mein jaan dene ke vaade hote hai ... lekin nafrat mein jaan lene ke iraade hote hai
In love there are promises of sacrificing your life ... but in enmity there are intentions of taking a life
# 74
Zindagi ek paheli hai ... kabhi dushman, kabhi saheli hai
Life is a riddle ... sometimes it is an enemy, sometimes it is a girlfriend
# 75
Criminal ko arrest karke case khatam hota hai ... criminal nahi ... woh kabhi na kabhi dushman bankar phir vapas lautta hai
The case ends when you arrest a criminal ... the criminal doesn't end ... he does return sometime or the other as an enemy
# 76
Aurat ko uski jaat aur dushman ko uski aukaad ... jitna jaldi ho sake bata deni chahiye
A woman's class and the enemy's status ... should be shown to them as soon as possible
# 77
Daru badi kutti cheez hoti hai ... dosti mein pilao toh yaar deti hai ... dushmani mein pilao toh maar deti hai
Alcohol is a bloody thing ... if you drink in friendship then it gives a friend ... if you drink in animosity then it kills
# 78
Meri pahunch Delhi se lekar shamshan ghat tak hai ... awaaz Delhi tak jaati hai aur dushman shamshan tak chala jaata hai
I have connections all the way from Delhi to the graveyard ... my voice goes till Delhi and my enemy goes to the graveyard
# 79
Apne dushman ko maarna hai toh usse ussi ke hathyaar se maaroo
If you want to kill your enemy then kill him with his own weapon
# 80
Dosti jitni gehri hoti hai dushmani bhi utni hi gehri hoti hai
Enmity can be as strong as what friendship can be
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