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Hate Story 4

Release Year - 2018
# 1
Laashein rishwat nahi leti ... kyun ki kafan ko jeb nahi hoti
Dead bodies don't take bribe ... as a shroud doesn't have a pocket
# 2
Kahani bilkul zindagi ki tarah hoti hai ... shuru hoti hai aakhir mein khatam hone ke liye ... aur dono ke anth ka faisla shuruvat mein hi taiy hota hai
A story is just like life ... they both start eventually to end at some point ... and the decision about their end happens in the start itself
# 3
Chor aur aashiq mein ek farak hota hai ... chor churai huyi cheez vapas nahi lautata ... aur aashiq churaye huye dil ke badle apna dil chhod jaata hai
There's one difference between a thief and a lover ... a thief doesn't return what he steals ... and a lover leaves his own heart in exchange for stealing a heart
# 4
I'm somebody who can get anybody ... but I want nobody other than your body
I'm somebody who can get anybody ... but I want nobody other than your body
# 5
Pata nahi mere honthon ko tumne kya rishwat di hai ... mujhse zyada tumhari sunte hai
I don't know what bribe have you given to my lips ... they listen more to you than me
# 6
Mohabbat mein jaan dene ke vaade hote hai ... lekin nafrat mein jaan lene ke iraade hote hai
In love there are promises of sacrificing your life ... but in enmity there are intentions of taking a life
# 7
Bachpan mein khilono ka shauk chalta hai ... jawani mein agar khilono se bahut pyar ho jaaye na toh aadmi bachpane par utar aata hai
It's normal to be fond of toys in childhood ... but if one still loves toys after they grow up then that person does childish things
# 8
Jab se tumko dekha hai tab se tumko chaha hai ... jab se tumhe chaha hai in aankhon ne sirf tumhe dekha hai
Since I've seen you, I've been in love with you ... since I've been in love with you, my eyes have only seen you
# 9
Sapna jab poora hota hai toh sapne jaisa hi lagta hai
When a dream comes true then it feels like a dream itself
# 10
Ab ek kaam kar, nikal ... varna itna maroonga ki tera dard khud marham se kahega ... ki khud thik hone ki meri halat nahi ... aur mujhe thik karne ki teri aukaat nahi
Do one thing, get out from here ... or else I'll beat you up so bad that your pain will tell to the medicine that ... I'm myself not in a condition to heal ... and you don't have the capacity to heal me
# 11
Gale lagakar peeth mein chhura bhaunke wale bahut hote hai ... lekin main aisa chhura bhaunkungi ki peeth ko cheerte huye samne se dil ko phaadkar niklega
There are many people who will embrace you and then stab you with a knife on your back ... but I'll stab you in such a way that the knife will rip apart your back and it'll come out from your heart
# 12
Jab ek rishta toot'ta hai na toh bahut dard hota hai ... lekin usse bhi zyada dard hota hai jab woh bikharta hai
You feel a lot of pain when a relationship ends ... but you feel even greater pain when that relationship is breaking apart
# 13
Khud sapne nahi dekhta ... par auron ke sapne zaroor sakaar karta hoon
I don't see dreams ... but I definitely fulfill the dreams of others
# 14
Kudrat ne humein mohabbat aur nafrat dono ki kaabiliyat di hai ... lekin sabse zyada jurrat mohabbat ke liye nahi, nafrat ke liye lagti hai
God has given us the ability of love and hatred both ... but one needs more courage for hatred than love
# 15
Bistar ke upar bichhi chaddar toh aasani se badli ja sakti hai ... lekin us chaddar mein lipti mashooka nahi
You can easily change the sheet that lays on a bed ... but not a lover who's wrapped in it
# 16
If you want to make God love then tell him your plans
If you want to make God love then tell him your plans
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