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Padmini Kolhapure

# 1
Sabhi marte hai ... lekin sawal yeh hai ki aadmi jeeta kaise hai
Everyone dies ... but the question is how does one live his life
# 2
Shaadi janam janam ka bandhan hai ... aur yeh bandhan swarg mein hi tay ho jaata hai
Marriage is a bond of multiple life's ... and this bond is decided in heaven itself
# 3
Puja ke diye se agar haath jal jaaye ... toh woh jalan bhi chandan jaisi thandak deti hai
If your hands get burned from the oil lamp used in a prayer ... then that burning gives the coolness of sandalwood
# 4
Tere bina main nahi, mere bina tu nahi ... hamare bina prem nahi, prem bina hum nahi
I'm not there without you, you're not there without me ... love is not there without us, we're not there without love
# 5
Log aasman se girkar bhi bach jaate hai ... aur marne waale hawa ke jhaunke se girkar mar jaate hai
People escape even after falling from the sky ... and people who have to die, die simply even with the fall from a gust of wind
# 6
Sau din chor ke toh ek din thanedaar ka ... sau din zalim ke toh ek din mazloom ka
After 100 days of a thief there comes a day for the cop ... after 100 days of a cruel person there comes a day for the victim
# 7
Agar aapne aainda hum mein aap kehkar nahi pukara ... toh hum aapko aaisa girra hua shabd kehkar pukarenge ... ki aap zindagi bhar apni hi nazaron se girre rahenge
If moving forward you don't call me with respect ... then I'll call you with such a dirty word ... that for your entire life you'll feel ashamed in your own eyes
# 8
Aurat ke daman par agar ek baar daag lag jaata hai ... toh Ganga ka pavitra jal bhi usse nahi dho sakta
Once there is a mark on a woman's reputation ... then even the pure water from Ganges river can't clean it off
# 9
Bambai ki ladki aur Bambai ki barish ... kabhi bhi aayegi, kabhi bhi jayegi
Mumbai girls and Mumbai rains ... they come anytime and they go anytime
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