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Reena Roy

# 1
Bachon ki mamta aurat ki zindagi hoti hai ... pati ki nafrat uski maut
The love of her children is the life of a woman ... and the hatred of her husband is her death
# 2
Duniya mein sabse buri aag badle ki aag hoti hai ... chahe woh kisi insaan mein ho ya janwar mein
The worst fire in the world is the fire of revenge ... whether that is within a person or an animal
# 3
Ek mujrim ka waqt achcha ho sakta hai ... lekin uska anth nahi
A criminal can have good moments ... but not a good end
# 4
Pyar bhari zindagi ka ek pal ... bina pyar ki sadiyon se kahi bada hota hai
A single moment full of love ... is much bigger than years without love
# 5
Kangan pehne nahi jaate ... pehnaye jaate hai
You don't wear the bangles yourself ... someone else must put them on you
# 6
Nagin ka nasha sharaab aur aurat ke nashe se zyada hota hai
The intoxication from a snake lady is more than that from alcohol and women
# 7
Pehle shohrat ka bahut nasha hota hai ... lekin baad mein pata chalta hai shohrat kitni mehangi padti hai
First you are very crazy about wealth ... but later on you come to know how expensive wealth really was
# 8
Mard do zaat ke hote hai ... ek joh bewakoof pehda hote hai ... doosre joh bewakoof banaye jaate hai
Men are of two types ... one who are born foolish ... and second who can be fooled
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