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Jaani Dushman

Release Year - 1979
# 1
Tumhare mooh se jitne jhoot niklenge ... main utni goliyan tumhare seene mein daal doonga
The number of lies that come out from your mouth ... I will fire that many bullets in your body
# 2
Mard tayaari nahi karte ... hamesha tayaar rehte hai
Men don't do preparations ... they are always ready
# 3
Joh mard hote hai woh apni chaati pe vaar toh seh sakte hai ... lekin doosron ki peeth par chupke vaar nahi kar sakte hai
Men can withstand an attack on their chest ... but they will not hide and attack on a persons back
# 4
Jaani dushman samajh loon aaisi nahi hai tu ... magar joh maine samjha tha waise bhi nahi hai tu
You are not such that I should consider you as my biggest enemy ... but what I had thought, you aren't that either
# 5
Yeh sab kuch sunne ke baad ... maut hamare liye inaam hogi aur zindagi sazaa
After hearing all this ... death will be a reward for me and life will be a punishment
# 6
Joh haare woh anari hai ... aur joh jeete wohi khiladi hai
The one who loses is a fool ... and the one who wins is a player
# 7
Hum mein joh cheez pasand aa jaye ... pehle hum haath jodhkar maangte hai ... aur agar na mile toh, haath todhkar le lete hai
The thing that I like ... first I ask for it with respect ... and if I don't get it, then I break the hands and take it
# 8
Dil dukh ki aag mein jalta hai ... toh aasoon bankar behne lagta hai
When the heart burns in the fire of sadness ... then it turns into tears and flows
# 9
Dharam ka rishta janam ke rishtey se bhi bada hota hai
The relation of religion is bigger than the relation of birth
# 10
Kangan pehne nahi jaate ... pehnaye jaate hai
You don't wear the bangles yourself ... someone else must put them on you
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