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Justice Chowdhary

Release Year - 2000
# 1
Meri nazar mein teri haisiyat is paan ke barabar hai ... jisse jab chahun chabakar, tookh sakta hoon
Your status in front of me is that of a betel leaf ... which I can chew and spit anytime I want
# 2
Barsega pani aur hum sab nahayenge ... promotion ki khushi mein nachenge gayenge
It will rain and we all will shower in that ... and we shall dance and sing in the joy of promotion
# 3
Is aurat ke mann mein chupa hai paap ... bachche ka woh padosi hai baap
There is evil hiding in this woman's heart ... the father of her child is the neighbour
# 4
Dukh jab zindagi ka hissa ban jaye ... toh usse haskar gale laga lena chahiye
When sadness becomes the part of your life ... then you should hug it laughingly
# 5
Mai ke doodh aur majboor insaan ke aasunyon mein milavat nahi hovat hai
There is no adulteration in mother's milk and the tears of a helpless person
# 6
Insaan jab janam lene waala hota hai toh uske duniya mein aane ka paata pehle se hi chal jaata hai ... lekin maut ke aane ki khabar kisi ko nahi hoti
When a human is going to be born then we know beforehand that he is coming into this world ... but no one knows when will death come
# 7
Politics aur underworld mein agar opposition na ho ... mazaa hi nahi aata
If there is no opposition in politics and underworld ... then there is no fun
# 8
Jis tarah aag lakdi ko jalakar raakh kar deti hai ... ussi tarah gussa insaan ki akal ko nighal jaata hai
Just like fire burns wood into ashes ... just like that anger gulps the mind of a person
# 9
Ek ladki ki aabroo sheeshay ki tarah nazuk hoti hai ... is par ek badnaami ka chota sa patthar bhi gir jaye ... toh tootkar chaknachur ho jaata hai
The honour of a girl is as weak as a mirror ... even if one small stone of disgrace falls on it ... then it breaks into pieces
# 10
Dushman agar taqatwar ho ... toh usse talwar se nahi balki dimaag se maarna chahiye
If the enemy is strong ... then you should kill him with your mind and not a sword
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