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Release Year - 1966
# 1
Aaisi nafrat bhi achi nahi ... joh ghate toh nafrat aur bade toh mohabbat ban jaye
Such hatred is also not good ... which when reduces becomes hate and when it grows it becomes love
# 2
Jaise sugandh ke bina phool adhoora reh jaata hai ... waise hi naari ka jeevan bina jeevan saathi ke adhoora reh jaata hai
Just like a flower is incomplete without fragrance ... just like that the life of a woman remains incomplete without a life partner
# 3
Nasha pilake girana toh sabko aata hai ... aare mazaa toh tab hai ki girton ko thaam le saakhi
Everyone knows how to make someone drink alcohol and fall ... but my friend the fun is when you help the people falling
# 4
Jab itni bewafai par tujhe dil pyar karta hai ... aare zalim agar tu bawafaa hota toh kya hota
When the heart loves you with even such little unfaithfulness ... then what will happen when you become completely unfaithful
# 5
Nar ka naari se, phool ka phulwari se aur mandir ka pujari se hamesha ek hi naata rehta hai ... aur uska naam hai dharam
The relationship of a man with a woman, of a flower with a garden and of a temple with a priest is always only one ... and the name of that is duty
# 6
Badhi dilchasp ghaflat ho gayi hai ... haai achanak unse ulfat ho gayi hai
There has been a very interesting lethargy ... suddenly I'm in love with him
# 7
Fall from a hilltop, fall from above, fall from anywhere ... but never fall in love
Fall from a hilltop, fall from above, fall from anywhere ... but never fall in love
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