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Poonam Dhillon

# 1
Zindagi mein jitni zaroori mohabbat hai ... utni hi zaroori daulat bhi hai
Money is necessary in life ... just as much as love is necessary in life
# 2
Ek aurat ke liye uske pati ke pyar ke bina duniya ki tamaam daulat, saare sukh ke samaan ... us bejaan kagaz ke phool ki tarah hote hai ... jin mein banavati rang toh hote hai lekin zindagi ki khushboo nahi hoti
For a woman all the wealth and all the luxuries of the world, without her husband ... are like those lifeless paper flowers ... which have artificial colours in them but not the fragrance of life
# 3
Duniya mein har aurat ek bikau maal hai ... woh chahe toh ghar mein bikke, chahe bazar mein ... kabhi woh paise ke liye bikti hai, kabhi ghar grahasti ke liye ... kahin woh khud bikti hai apni marzi se, kahin woh bech dali jaati hai
In this world every woman is there to be sold ... she either sells in the house or in the market ... sometimes she is sold for money and sometimes for household duties ... somewhere she sells herself at her own wish and somewhere she is sold
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