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Kaal Chakra

Release Year - 1988
# 1
Phool murjhane se bhi kaante nahi ho jaate ... us hi tarah sach ke haar jaane se woh jhooth nahi ban jaate
When flowers wither then they don't turn into thorns ... just like that when the truth loses then it doesn't turn into lies
# 2
Thane aur aspataal na koi apne marzi se jaata hai ... na apne marzi se aata hai
No one goes to a police station and hospital at their own will ... and neither do they come back from there at their own will
# 3
Neta logon ki aadat hi hai ... jab soote hai toh soote rehte hai ... aur jab jagenge toh cheenkhne chilaane lagte hai
Politicians have this habit ... when they sleep then they sleep for a long time ... and when they wake up they start to scream and shout
# 4
Ek murde ko kafan pehnane mein jitna time lagta hai na ... usse bhi kam time mein main tera vardi utaar sakta hai
The amount of time it takes to put a shroud on a dead body ... in less time than that I can get your police uniform stripped from your body
# 5
Duniya jalati hai dil toh kya ... pyar ki thandi chaanv toh hai
So what if the world burns the heart ... there always is a cool shade of love
# 6
Sachai ki chaadar hamesha choti padh jaati hai ... sar dhako toh pair khul jaate hai aur pair dhako toh sar nanga
The blanket of truth always falls short ... when you cover your head then the legs open up and when you cover your legs then the head opens up
# 7
Insaan ki aukaat hi kya hoti hai ... ek cheenk se shuru hoti hai ... doosri cheenk par khatam ho jaati hai
What is the status of a human ... his life starts with one scream ... and his life ends with another scream
# 8
Aansoon mitkar bhi kahan mittate ... phail jaate hai kabhi dhood bankar ... ubhar aate hai kabhi khoon bankar ... aur yahi khoon jab aankhon mein utar aata hai toh aansuyon ki barsaat ho jaati hai
Tears don't get wiped when you wipe them ... sometimes they spread like milk ... sometimes they rage like blood ... and when this blood comes into the eyes then tears start to rain
# 9
Main waqt ki aankh se tapka hua aansoon ka ek katra hoon ... jisko mohabbat ki hatheli par agar koi sajaa le toh moti ban jaaye
I'm a teardrop fallen from the eyes of time ... which if someone decorates on their hand then it will turn into a pearl
# 10
Har ek zindagi ek cheenk se shuru hokar ek cheenk par khatam ho jaati hai ... in do cheenkho ke beech leti hui zindagi lagatar cheenkhte rehne ka naam hai
Every life starts with a scream and ends with a scream ... and life is nothing but continuously screaming between these two screams
# 11
Aag se aadmi tabhi bach sakta hai jab woh khud aag ban jaaye
A person can escape fire only when he himself turns into fire
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