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Dharam Adhikari

Release Year - 1986
# 1
Jaise hi fasal pak jaye toh rakhwaale ki zaroorat hoti hai ... vaise hi ladki jawan ho jaye toh gharwaale ki zaroorat hoti hai
Just like the crops need a protector once they ripen ... just like that a girl she needs a husband when she becomes young
# 2
Gyan aur agyan mein antar hi kya hai ... kewal ek akshar ka ... lekin arth mein satyug aur kalyug ka sa bedh hai
What is difference between educated and uneducated ... only of one syllable ... but there is a difference of the golden age and the iron age in the meaning of it
# 3
Jab koi apradh vichar kiye bina kiya jaata hai ... usse bhool kehte hai ... lekin vichar ke saath kiya hua apradh ... nishchit apradh hi kehlata hai
When a crime is committed without being thought ... then it's called a mistake ... but a crime that is committed after being thought ... is definitely called a crime
# 4
Is sansar mein koi manav poorna buddhiman nahi hota ... Brahma srishti rachate hai, Vishnu uski raksha karte hai aur Shiv usko nasht karte hai
In this universe no human is completely wise ... Lord Brahma creates the world, Lord Vishnu protects it and Lord Shiva destroys it
# 5
Karam karna manav ka dharam hai ... aur uska phal dena bhagwan ke haath mein hai
It is a human's duty to do good deeds ... and it is in the hands of god to reward him for that
# 6
Jiske mann mein vasna ho ... woh har kisi ko vasna ke adhin samajhta hai
The one who has lust in his heart ... he thinks everyone is subjective to lust
# 7
Yeh charon aur phaili hui dharti par rehne waale logon ki kewal ek hi jaat hai ... manushya jaat
All the people that are spread everywhere on this earth have only one caste ... and that is the caste of humanity
# 8
Aankhon se ojhal hone ka dukh toh aadmi sehan kar sakta hai ... kyun ki us mein jeevan ki ek dhara behti rehti hai ... lekin jeevan jab mrityu ka roop dharan kar leta hai ... toh sari ashaon ka anth ho jaata hai
A person can bear the pain of someone disappearing from in front of their eyes ... because a stream of life is flowing in that ... but when life takes up the guise of death ... then all hopes come to an end
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