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Release Year - 2005
# 1
Bambai mein ek hi kaam ho riya ... khao vada pav, bhajjiya ... bolo Ganpati Bappa Morya
There is only one thing that is happening in Mumbai ... that is eat burgers and fritters ... and say God Ganesh is great
# 2
Bhai mat bol ... emotional ho jaata hoon main
Don't call me brother ... I get emotional
# 3
Kaise lootna hai trick us mein nahi hai ... kisse lootna hai woh trick hai
The trick is not in how to steal ... the trick lies in identifying the person whom we need to steal from
# 4
Hamare dhande mein na bandook chalti hai, na bomb, na chaku ... chalta hai toh sirf ek hi cheez ... dimaag ... aur woh hamesha hamare saath rehta hai, loaded
In our business we don't use a gun, nor a bomb, nor a knife ... if there is anything that we use ... it is our mind ... and it always stays with us, loaded
# 5
Paanch dus pandrah crore paise ki koi fikar nahi hai ... image ... image ka falooda kar diya, vaat lagayi tune
5, 10, 15 crores, money is not of concern ... image ... you spoiled and destroyed my image
# 6
Aye chal aye Preity ... Zinta ho ja yahan se chal
Hey you pretty ... get lost from here
# 7
Trailer aksar achcha hota hai ... film bakwas nikalti hai
Trailer is usually good ... the film comes out to be bad
# 8
Duniya mein sabse zyada respect karta hoon main apni ... aarti utaarta hoon roz khud ki
I respect myself the most, in the world ... I do ritual's for me everyday
# 9
Jab se tumhe dekha hai aankhen band ho ya khuli ... sirf tumhara chera nazar aata hai
Since I have seen you ... I always see your face, whether my eyes are closed or open
# 10
Goli woh chalate hai joh dimag nahi chalate
Bullets are fired by those who don't use brains
# 11
Aaise kaamo mein dimaag kisi aur ka lagta hai, haath kisi aur ka ... aur vaat tere jaiso ka
In this kind of work someone uses their mind, someone uses their hand ... and people like you get screwed
# 12
Saale teri aankhen bahut bolti hai ... gaali de rahi hai
Bloody, your eyes talk a lot ... they are abusing me
# 13
Main ladies log ke saath shopping nahi karta hai, pata hai kyun? ... bhav tol bahut karte hai
I don't shop with the ladies, you know why? ... they bargain a lot
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