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Deewana Mastana

Release Year - 1997
# 1
Abhe hata saavan ki ghata ... kha, khuja, bati bhujake soja nintakle pintukle ... mandi pe khareli hai aunty baja rahi hai baar-baar ghanti ... kulla ghumake paschim ko palat le ... bahut ho gaya phutle, vatle, shaana ban kya?
Hey remove rain clouds ... eat, scratch, turn of the light and sleep you tiny little one ... the aunty standing in the market is ringing the bell again and again ... now turn your butt and move towards the west ... that's enough get lost, go, and be smart ok?
# 2
Yeh duniya ek bus stop hai aur ladki ek bus ... peeche bhaago toh saala chute jaati hai ... wahin khade raho samne se doosri aati hai
This world is a bus stop and a girl is a bus ... if you run behind it then you will miss it ... and if you stay in the same place then another one will come from the front
# 3
Abhe shamshaan ke bhuje huye koile
Hey you, burnt coal from the mortuary
# 4
Pappu Pager kya hai pehle thokta hai, phir bajata hai ... phir thok bajake confirm karta hai
Pappu Pager first hits, then smashes ... and then after hitting and smashing he confirms
# 5
Aye amavas ke chamakte chaand
Hey you, the shining moon of a new moon night
# 6
Aye jhantule jhatak, zyada na matak ... aur meri baat gale mein satak
Hey you shaky person, don't move a lot ... and listen properly to what I am saying
# 7
Aye side hero ... beech mein nahi bolneka, samjha
Hey you side hero ... don't talk in between, understand
# 8
Aye tamatar ke aakhri daane
Hey you, the last seed of a tomato
# 9
Abhe marre huye kauve ke pankh
Hey you, feather of a dead crow
# 10
Amir aadmi bada banne ke baad ... black se white ho jata hai
When a rich man becomes big ... he turns from black to white
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