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Release Year - 1997
# 1
Tum police khareed sakte ho kuch hadh tak ... malum hai yahan neta bikau hai, hukumat ki machiney bikau hai kuch hadh tak ... tum kanoon aur insaaf tak ko khareed sakte ho kuch hadh tak ... lekin yaad rakhna woh hadh mujhpar aakar khatam ho jaati hai ... tum sab kuch khareed sakte ho lekin ek sache imaandar police officer ki imaandari nahi khareed sakte
You can buy the police till a certain limit ... I also know that here politicians and the machines of government can be bought till a certain limit ... you can buy the law and justice till a certain limit ... but remember that limit ends when it comes to me ... you can buy everything but not the honesty of a true and honest police officer
# 2
Yeh halat hui hai iski, pee peekay rum aur whiskey ... liver bhi ho gaya risky ... yeh uski hai na iski, badhon badhon ki jaan hai khiski ... oo peene waale sun, teri jaan ki dushman whiskey ... agar tu saath na iska chhodega, yamraj se naata jodega ... apna bhala bura pehchan, beta hum badhon ki baat ko maan ... yeh whiskey bahut hai risky, yeh whiskey bahut hai risky ... badhon badhon ki jaan hai khiski
His condition is like this because of drinking rum and whiskey ... his liver has become risky ... it belongs to no one, the greatest of the greats have lost their life due to it ... the one who is drinking please listen, the whiskey is an enemy of your life ... if you don't leave it then you're connecting with the god of death ... recognize your good and bad, listen to elders like me ... this whiskey is very risky, this whiskey is very risky ... the greatest of the greats have lost their life due to it
# 3
Aaj ki duniya mein imaandari woh khotta sikka hai joh bazar mein kahin nahi chalta
In today's world honesty is that false coin which can't be used anywhere in the market
# 4
Angrezi cheezein bahut mazboot hoti hai ... magar jab Hindustani haathon mein aa jaati hai na toh chaknachur ho jaati hai
Foreign goods are very tough ... but when they come in the hands of an Indian then they get smashed
# 5
Khaki vardi agar kanoon ka danda hai toh kala coat kanoon ka haath hai ... aur hamesha danda haath ke giraft mein hota hai
If a police uniform is the stick of the law then a black coat is the hand of the law ... and remember the stick is always held by the hand
# 6
Tumne apne paon se utni dhool nahi udhayi hogi ... jitni daulat hum apne haathon se udha chuke hai
The amount of money that I've blown with my hands ... you haven't even blown that much dirt with your feet
# 7
Jis tarah mithaas gudh ka swabhav hai aur kadvahat neem ka ... ussi tarah insaan ki khuddari uske badapan ka swabhav hai
Just like sweetness is a property of jaggery and bitterness is of a neem tree ... just like that self-respect is a property of a person's kindness
# 8
Chandni raat hai, taaron sa bikhar jaane de ... apni aaghosh mein lele, mujhe mar jaane de
It's a moonlit night, let me scatter like the stars ... take me in your lap and let me die
# 9
Aage hai zamana par bhook peeche peeche ... sari duniya ki baatein do roti ke neeche ... arre chamde ki jhopadiya mein aag lagi hai bhaiya ... barkha na bhujaye, bas bhujaye rupaiya ... aur phir bhi bhare na pet ... toh yaad aati hai yaaron Pari rice plate
The world is in the front but hunger is behind ... all the things about the world are below a couple of slices of bread ... oh brother there is a fire in the hut under the skin ... which can only be turned off by money and not rain ... and still if you're hungry ... then my freinds you'll remember Pari rice plate
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