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The Power

Release Year - 2021
# 1
Aaj sabse badi power, muscle power nahi hai ... political power hai
The biggest power today isn't muscle power ... it's political power
# 2
Agar lamba jeena chahte ho toh dushman ki izzat karna seekho ... chahe woh kitna bhi kamzor kyun na ho
If you want to live long then learn to respect your enemy ... no matter how weak he is
# 3
Apne gusse ko aansuon mein mat behne de ... uska istemaal kar aur unse chun chun ke badla le
Don't let your anger flow with the tears ... use it and take revenge against each one of them
# 4
Jungli janwar ke pinjre mein pair rakhne se pehle tasalli kar leni chahiye ki pinjra band hai ... khaas karke jab pinjre mein sher ho
Before stepping into the cage of a wild animal one should ensure that the cage is locked ... especially when there's a tiger in the cage
# 5
Aadmi uske kaam se nahi ... uski soch se bada hota hai
A person doesn't become big from his work ... he becomes big from his thinking
# 6
Jaldbaazi aur gusse mein uthaya hua har kadam ... sirf maut aur barbaadi laata hai
Every step that you take in a hurry and in anger ... it only brings death and destruction
Song Lyrics - The Power
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