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Release Year - 2020
# 1
Zindagi mein kisi bhi mukaam par pahunchkar sabse zaroori hai kuch pal wahan rukna ... peeche dekhna ... aur un logon ko thanks bolna jinki wajah se aaj aap us mukaam par ho
In life whenever you reach great heights, then the most important thing is to pause there ... look behind ... and say thanks to those people because of whom you were able to attain those great heights today
# 2
Tera pati hai na harami, tedha hai par tera hai
Your husband is very naughty, but still he's yours
# 3
Problem aur solution ka faasla sirf ghutne aur zameen tak ka hota hai ... aur ek baar sajda kiya toh problems khatam
The distance between a problem and it's solution is only that of the distance between the knees and the ground ... and all the problems end when you bow down to pray
# 4
Ek bache ko aasmaan mein udne ke liye par aur oonchai se girne ka dar ... dono maa baap se hi milte hai
For a kid, the wings to fly in the sky and the fear of falling from height ... both qualities are given by the parents
# 5
Main is area ki queen hoon, queen hoon ... live life queen size
I'm the queen of this area ... live life queen size
# 6
Saala mujhse panga liya hota toh karma tera hisaab karta ... lekin tune mere apno se panga liya ... ab main karma hoon ... ab main tera hisaab karungi
Had you messed around with me then karma would have punished you ... but you messed around with my dear ones ... hence now I'm karma ... and now I'll punish you
# 7
Jis din sach mein mere saamne bhoot aaya na ... toh maa kasam chhudiyan pehen lunga chhudiyan
The day a ghost appears in front of me for real ... I swear on my mother, I'll wear bangles
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