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Super 30

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Aaj raja ka beta raja nahi banega ... raja wohi banega joh haqdaar hoga
In today's age a king's son isn't going to become the king ... instead the one who deserves will become the king
# 2
Aapatti se hi aavishkar ka janam hota hai
Invention is born from objection
# 3
Yeh ameer log apne liye khud chikna sadak banaye ... hamari raah mein aisa bada bada ghadda khod diye ... lekin yehi woh sabse badi galati kar diye ... humko saala chalang lagana sikha diye ... jab samay aayega toh sabse bada aur sabse lamba chalang hum hi maarenge
These rich people have built great roads for themselves ... and they dug big potholes in our path ... but their biggest mistake is that ... they taught us how to jump ... now when the time will come, then our jump will be the biggest and the longest
# 4
Prayaas aur safalta ke beech mein ek hi number ka farak hota hai
There's only a one mark difference between an attempt and success
# 5
Baatne se gyaan do ka chaar ho jaata hai ... aur na baatne se do ka zero
Knowledge doubles if you share it ... and it becomes zero if you don't share it
# 6
Jab ek ghar mein ek bacha padh leta hai na ... toh us ghar ka, us pariwar ka, maata pita ka, aane wali saat pushton ka ... sabka life hamesha ke liye badal jaata hai
When a child of a house becomes educated ... then his house, his family, his parents, and his future generations ... all their life changes forever
# 7
Jitna aapka jeb khali ... utna aapki taleem bhaari
The less money you have in your pockets ... that much harder education becomes for you
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