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Bank Chor

Release Year - 2017
# 1
Lips hai tere laal, kaale hai tere baal ... pehla aaya Anna, baad mein Kejriwal
Your lips are red and your hair is black ... first came Anna Hazare and then came Arvind Kejriwal
# 2
Main ek aam aadmi hoon ... aur aam aadmi ke naam nahi hote ... bas kaam hote hai
I'm a common man ... and a common man doesn't have a famous name ... he only has famous deeds
# 3
Criminals ki haddiyan hi nahi ... unki himmat todhta hoon main
Not only the bones of criminals ... I also break their confidence
# 4
Pata hai hamare haathon mein lakeerein kyun hoti hai ... kyun ki hum apne haathon se khud apni kismat banate hai ... we shape our own destiny
Do you know why we have lines in our palms ... since we make our destiny with our own hands ... we shape our own destiny
# 5
Main apni aukaat batata nahi hoon ... bas dikhata hoon
I don't talk about my standards ... I just show them
# 6
G-B-M-L-R: Ganpati Bappa Morya Let's Rock!
God is great, let's rock!
# 7
Dilli wale na sab kuch over karte hai, dimaag ki short karke ... do numbri hote hai ... par dosti mein ek numbri hote hai
People of Delhi make you go crazy by doing everything more than needed ... they're big scammers ... but they're the best when it comes to friendship
# 8
Dilli dil walon ki hai ... aur Mumbai sabki
Delhi belongs to the people with a great heart ... and Mumbai belongs to everyone
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