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Freaky Ali

Release Year - 2016
# 1
Jeet mein toh har aadmi saath deta hai ... saathi toh woh hai joh haar mein bhi saath de
Every person is on your side when you win ... a true companion is one who stays by your side even when you lose
# 2
Khel koi bhi ho ... hum gareeb log ya toh jeette hai ... ya seekhte hai ... haarte kabhi nahi
No matter what the game is ... we poor people either win it ... or learn from it ... but we never lose
# 3
Teri aane waali zindagi ek sahi shot aur ek galat faisle ke beech mein tiki hui hai
Your life's future is hanging between one right shot and one wrong decision
# 4
Kafan mein pocket nahi hota aur upar account transfer nahi hota
There is no pocket in a shroud and you can't transfer your (bank) account to heaven
# 5
Tu alag alag pehda hota na ... toh aaj chaar paanch bhai behan hote tere ... tere pe chaar paiyye laga doon na ... toh Nano car lage
If you were born separately ... then today you would've had 4 to 5 brothers and sisters ... if I'll put 4 wheels on you ... then you'll look like a Nano car
# 6
Sharaab pilane wala banda acha hota hai ... lekin zaroorat se zyada sharaab pilane wala?
The one who buys you a drink is a good person ... but the one who buys you many drinks, who knows?
# 7
Banda joh hai na, ishq joh hai Katrina Kaif se kar sakta hai ... Mohammad Kaif se nahi
A man can fall in love with Katrina Kaif ... not with Mohammad Kaif
# 8
Insaan jab ek darwaza band kar deta hai ... tab uparwala sattar darwaze khol deta hai
When a person closes one door ... then God opens seventy different doors for him
# 9
Yeh duniya rokde pe chalti hai ... chahe woh undergarment se aaye ya underworld se
This world runs on money ... it doesn't matter if it comes from undergarment or underworld
# 10
Jis umar mein tujhe kabar ke bare mein sochna chahiye ... us umar mein tu lover banne ki soch raha hai
In the age when you should think about a grave ... in that age you're thinking about becoming a lover
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