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Abhimanyu Singh

# 1
Yeh zindagi badi ajeeb hai ... joh kabhi nahi hua hota hai woh kabhi na kabhi zaroor ho jaata hai
Life is very strange ... what has never happened that also happens sometime or the other
# 2
Police wale do hi mauke par muft ki daawat dete hai ... ek baar tab jab usse apni vardi utarne ka khatra ho ... aur doosri baar jab usse sarkar se medal milne ki umeed ho
A police officer gives a treat only under two circumstances ... one when he's concerned that he's going to loose his job ... and second when he has the hope of getting a medal from the government
# 3
Global Godfather tak pahuncha doonga aap sabon arzi ... baki unki marzi
I'll take your request to Global Godfather ... beyond that it's upto him
# 4
Jab do akalmand ek doosre ko bewakoof banate hai ... toh is mein samay aur shabdh dono barbaad hote hai
When two smart people try to make a fool out of each other ... then in that both time and words are wasted
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