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Heera Lal Panna Lal

Release Year - 1999
# 1
Chaar kilo alu kha gaya bhalu ... tu bhi chalu aur main bhi chalu
The bear ate 4 kgs of potato ... you're also oversmart and I'm also oversmart
# 2
Agar tu sudhar gaya toh isse fighting ka the end samajhna ... varna yeh interval hai ... agli mulaqat mein climax kar doonga
If you are fixed then consider this as the end of fighting ... or else this will be the interval ... and in the next meeting I'll complete your climax
# 3
Aapko kahan kahan nahi dhoonda ... Japan ki jail mein, America ki rail mein, khatte meethe bhel mein, khopre ke tel mein ... samose mein dhoonda, alu mein dhoonda, pyaz mein dhoonda ... magar na mila baap ... mila ghaas mein chupa saanp
I looked for you everywhere ... in Japan's jail, in America's rail, in sweet and sour snacks, in coconut oil ... in a samosa, in potato, in onion ... but I couldn't find my father ... I only found a snake hidden in the grass
# 4
Share bazar mein lute huye vyapari ki tarah roiye ... club mein haare huye juari ki tarah roiye ... signal pe bheek maangte huye bikhari ki tarah roiye ... magar roiye, please roiye
Cry like a businessman who has lost in the stock market ... cry like a gambler who has lost in the club ... cry like a beggar who begs on a traffic light ... but cry, please cry
# 5
Hamare dhande ke andar khoon ke rishtey ki keemat pani se bhi kam hoti hai
In our business the value of a blood relationship is even less than water
# 6
Tumhare bin life lunch plate without rice hai ... baby hum tumhari right choice hai
Life without you is like a lunch plate without rice ... baby I'm your right choice
# 7
Yeh meri Laila hai ... hum inke Majnu hai ... yeh choli hai toh hum inke daaman hai ... yeh phool hai toh hum aangan hai
She is my Laila ... I'm her Majnu ... if she is a blouse and then I'm her scarf ... if she is a flower then I'm her courtyard
# 8
Jab tak tum hum mein apna nahi manogi hum yunhi aadhi raat ko aate rahenge ... hum tumhare dil par apne pyar ka chewing gum chipkakar rahenge ... prem patra ke patthar maarte rahenge
Until you make me yours I'll keep coming like this in the middle of the night ... I'll stick the chewing gum of my love on your heart ... I'll keep hitting you with a stone wrapped around a love letter
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