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Release Year - 1999
# 1
Saanson ke bina shayad kuch pal main jee sakta hoon ... lekin tumhare bina nahin
May be I can live a few moments without breathing ... but not without you
# 2
Husn ko chaand, jawani ko kamal kehte hai ... dekh kar hum tujhe ek shouk ghazal kehte hai ... uff yeh sang-e-marmar sa tarasha hua shafaf badan ... dekhne wale tujhe Taj Mahal kehte hai
Beauty is called as the moon, youth is called as a flower ... after seeing you I'd like to say a poem ... oh this pure chiseled body made from marble ... people who see you call you the Taj Mahal
# 3
Vishvas jeetna aasaan hai, usse todna usse bhi aasaan hai ... magar mushkil hai us vishvas ko nibhana
To win faith is easy, and it is even easier to break that faith ... but it is difficult to fulfill that faith
# 4
Tujhko dekhenge sitare toh ziya mangenge, aur pyase teri zulfon se ghata mangenge ... apne kaandhe se dupatta na sarakne dena, varna budhe bhi jawani ki dua mangenge
If the stars see you then they will ask for light, and the thirsty will ask for clouds from your hair ... don't let the scarf slide from your shoulders, otherwise even the old will pray and ask for youth
# 5
Meri puja mein, meri duaon mein, meri khamoshiyon mein, meri sadaaon mein ... sirf tum ho, sirf tum
In my prayers, in my wishes, in my silence, in my voice ... only you are there, only you
# 6
Tumhare bagair jeena kya ... jeene ka khwab bhi nahin dekh sakta
Forget living without you ... I can't even dream of living without you
# 7
Mera aaj mera kal, mere din mere pal ... sirf tumhare dum se hai
My today my tomorrow, my days my moments ... are only because of you
# 8
Maine apna jeevan saathi chun liya hai ... meri yaadien
I have selected my life partner ... my memories
# 9
Jyot khud ba khud nahi jalti ... jab tak usse koi jalane wala na ho
A flame does not start by itself ... unless there is someone to ignite it
# 10
Yeh dimaag hum mein behka sakta hai ... par mann, mann kabhi dhokha nahi deta
The mind can stray us ... but the heart, heart can never betray us
# 11
Arre woh sharaabi ko aye-khuda maut aajaye ... joh chhodke tujhe paimana mooh ko lagaye
Oh God, death may come to the alcoholic ... who leaves you and drinks the alcohol
# 12
Ladki ko maane Lakshmi, phir bhi ladka hi laage pyara ... ek ladke ki khatir, pehda kardi ladki gyarah
They believe that a girl is (Goddess) Lakshmi, but still they like a boy ... in order to have a son, they have given birth to eleven daughters
# 13
Umar sari guzari par kisi ne aaise nahi pachhada ... tujhko milke aaisa laga oh jaanam, jaise main hoon ek chaddi aur tu mera nara
My age is over but no one has ever knocked me like this ... oh dear after meeting you it feels like, I am one short and you are my thread
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