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Bol Radha Bol

Release Year - 1992
# 1
Insaan toh waqt ki tarah hota hai ... badalte hi rehta hai
A human is like time ... he keeps changing
# 2
Zindagi toh dhoop chaon ki tarah hoti hai ... is mein agar bure log hai, toh achche log bhi hote hai
Life is like sunlight and shade ... if there are bad people in it, then there are good people as well
# 3
Log pyar mein zindagi haar jaate hai, aap ek inkaar se haar gaye?
People lose their life in love, and you're losing from one rejection?
# 4
Ek maa jise doodh pilati hai ... uske saaye tak ko pehchanti hai
A mother who feeds her child milk ... knows even the shadow of him
# 5
Alla re alla inspector Bhinde alla ... haath mein leke kanoon ka tala
Inspector Bhinde has come ... with the lock of the law in his hands
# 6
Jis bete ke sar par apni maa ka aashirwad ho ... usse tum jaise shaitan toh kya bhagwan bhi nahi maar sakte
The son who has the blessings of his mother on his head ... even god can't kill him, let alone a devil like you
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