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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Khel khel mein, khel khel ke, khel khel yeh aa jayega ... haar jeet se, haar jeet ke, jeet haarna sikhayega ... khel khel mein
You'll learn the game when you play the game ... when you win and lose, then winning will teach you losing ... when you play the game
# 2
Zindagi aur shatranj mein yahi toh farak hai ... zindagi mein doosra mauka milta nahi ... yahan shatranj mein mil jaata hai
This is the difference between life and a game of chess ... in life you don't get a second chance ... but here in the game of chess you get that
# 3
Agar pyada badshah ke saath ladega ... toh bahut buri maut marega
If a pawn will fight against the king ... then it will die a very dreadful death
# 4
Maut toh ek din muayyan hai, neend kyun raat bhar nahi aati ... hum wahan hai jahan se humko bhi kuch hamari khabar nahi aati
Death is destined to come one day, but why can't I sleep all night ... I'm in a place from where I myself don't get any news about me
# 5
Russia mein, Russian ladki ke saath Russian vodka peene ki baat hi kuch aur hai
Drinking Russian vodka in Russia, with a Russian girl is a wonderful experience
# 6
Shatranj waqt ka khel zaroor hai yaara ... par usse khelna ka koi waqt nahi
My friend, chess is a game that takes time ... but there is no set time when you can play it
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