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Release Year - 2019
# 1
Jab kisi aur ki barbaadi apni jeet jaisi lage ... toh humse zyada barbaad aur koi nahi hai is duniya mein
When someone else's destruction seems like our victory ... then there's no one in the world who's as devastated as us
# 2
Mohabbat aur nafrat dono ke rang laal hai ... lekin fark yeh hai ki nafrat se duniya barbaad ho jaati hai ... aur mohabbat mein khud barbaad hona padta hai ... phir bhi kalank aksar mohabbat pe lagta hai
The colour of love and hatred both are red ... but the difference is that in hatred the world gets destroyed ... and in love you have to destroy yourself ... but still love is the one that gets defamed
# 3
Pyar na karne ki hazar wajah mil sakti hai darr ke bazar mein ... lekin pyar karne ki sirf ek dhoondni hoti hai apne dil mein
You'll find thousands of reasons in the market of fear for not falling in love ... but you have to search for only one reason in your own heart to fall in love
# 4
Kuch rishtey karzon ki tarah hote hai ... unhe nibhana nahi, chukana padta hai
Some relationships are like debts ... you don't have to fulfill them, instead you have to repay them
# 5
Umeed sirf intezar karati hai ... sachai nahi badalti
Hope only makes you wait ... it doesn't change the reality
# 6
Ishq ka andhapan akal ke darwaje band kar deta hai
The blindness of love closes the door of your mind
# 7
Mohabbat usse karte hai joh aap par izzat kar sake ... aapse aapke mohabbat se zyada mohabbat kar sake
You should fall in love with someone who respects you ... with someone who loves you more than your love
# 8
Kabhi kabhi nuksaan rok lena faide se behtar hota hai
Sometimes stopping a loss is better than profit
# 9
Najayaz mohabbat ka anjaam aksar tabahi hota hai
Often the outcome of illegitimate love is destruction
# 10
Ishq ki galiyan badi geeli hoti hai ... aksar aashiq phisalkar mooh ke bal girta hai
The streets of love are very wet ... often lovers slip and fall on their face
# 11
Logon ke kaam pe tavajoh dena seekh ... unke baap ke naam pe nahi
Learn to pay attention on the work that people do ... and not on their father's name
# 12
Pati patni ka rishta riwazon se nahi, pyar se bandna chahiye
The relationship of husband and wife must bond with love, and not with customs
# 13
Gusse mein kiye faisle aksar galtiyon mein tabdeel hote hai
Often decisions taken in anger turn into mistakes
# 14
Marte huye ko apne karam theek karne chahiye ... tabiyat nahi
A dying person should correct his bad deeds ... not his health
# 15
Inquilaab khoon bahake laaya jaata hai ... baatein karke nahi
Revolution is created by shedding your blood ... not by just talking about it
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