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Apna Sapna Money Money

Release Year - 2006
# 1
Jahan sach na chale wahan jhoot sahi ... aur jahan haq na mile wahan loot sahi
Say the lie where truth is not accepted ... and steal where you don't get your right
# 2
Tu apne dimaag ko akal ka search warrant de ... aur agar phir bhi na maane toh gobar gas ka current de
Give your head the search warrant for a brain ... and if it still doesn't agree then give it a current of methane gas
# 3
Casino mein haseeno ke saath hum sabke paseeno ka paisa udake bhaag gaya
He has blown away all our hard earned money with beautiful girls in the casino
# 4
I love you ... do you love me? ... haan bolti toh you ... varna bahut hai in the queue
I love you ... do you love me? ... are you saying yes ... or else there are many others in the queue
# 5
Bina dekhe, bina soche samjhe maine tujhe pyar kiya ... aur tune mere armaanon par dokhe ka vaar kiya
I loved you blindly and without any thought ... and you attacked my wishes with deceit
Song Lyrics - Apna Sapna Money Money
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