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Defeat & Failure

Defeat & Failure Dialogues

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# 41
Marr ke aayenge ... lekin haar ke nahi aayenge
We will die and come ... but we will not loose and come
# 42
Patjhad ke baad aate hai din bahaar ke ... jeena kya jeevan se haar ke
After autumn comes the season of spring ... and living after accepting defeat from life is of no use
# 43
Tumhe kis baat pe zyada gussa aata hai ... apni nakaamyabi se ... ya meri kaamyabi par?
What gets you angry more ... your failure ... or my success?
# 44
Jis din haar jaoonga ... duniya chhod doonga
The day I lose ... I will leave the world
# 45
Jeet mein toh har aadmi saath deta hai ... saathi toh woh hai joh haar mein bhi saath de
Every person is on your side when you win ... a true companion is one who stays by your side even when you lose
# 46
Agar hum sach ke saath hai ... toh hum mein jeetne tak haar nahi maanni chahiye
If we are on the side of truth ... then we shouldn't accept defeat until we win
# 47
Koi agar Mumbai mein fail ho jaye ... toh khot Mumbai mein nahi ... us mein hai
If someone fails in Mumbai ... then the problem is not in Mumbai ... it's in them
# 48
Main apni haar ko bhi celebrate karta hoon
I celebrate my losing also
# 49
Agar aaj jeete na toh hamesha ke liye haar jaoge
If you win today then you'll lose forever
# 50
Is duniya mein har insaan ko khud ladna padta hai ... khud haarna aur khud hi jeetna padta hai
In this world every person has to fight by themselves ... he himself has to lose and he himself has to win
# 51
Jua mein jeetne ka koi formula nahi hota ... haan nahi harne ka ek formula hai ... (kya) ... jua mat khelo
There is no formula to win in gambling ... but yes there is a formula for not losing ... (what) ... don't gamble
# 52
Jab bhi hum muqabale mein dabne lagte hai ... tok hum ek hi cheez ka aadhaar lete hai ... sanskar, parampara
Whenever we are under pressure in a competition ... then we always say one thing ... culture, tradition
# 53
Fighter kabhi haar nahi manta
A fighter never accepts defeat
# 54
Ek goli daali aur paanch ghar khali ... yun lagali aur goli chalali ... joh jeeta woh zinda, joh haara woh murda
Put one bullet and leave five slots empty ... take an aim and fire ... the one who wins lives, and the one who loses dies
# 55
Jeet aksar unki ho jaaya karti hai ... joh haar man'na taalte chale jaate hai
Often those people end up winning ... who keep delaying the belief that they're losing
# 56
Duniya mein asli shanti kisi ke sache pyar mein hi mil sakti hai ... uske bagair duniya jise shanti kehti hai, woh shanti ek thakan hai ... shakast ya maut ka doosra naam hai
In this world true peace can only be found by falling in love with someone ... without that what the world calls peace, that peace is tiredness ... which is the other name for defeat or death
# 57
Kaamyabi aur nakaamyabi ... insaan khud hi chunta hai
Success or failure ... one selects himself
# 58
You don't lose when you lose in love ... you lose when you run away from the fear of losing
You don't lose when you lose in love ... you lose when you run away from the fear of losing
# 59
Koi haarkar jeet leta hai aur koi jeetkar haar jaata hai
Some win even after losing and some lose even after winning
# 60
Haar aur jeet mein ek hi pharak hota hai ... bhook
There's only one difference between winning and losing ... hunger
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