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Defeat & Failure

Defeat & Failure Dialogues

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# 21
Jab tak haar nahi hoti na ... tab tak aadmi jeeta hua rehta hai
Until one has not lost ... till then a man is in a winning position
# 22
Joh dil jeette hai woh kabhi haarte nahi
Those who win hearts can never lose
# 23
Ab agar kisi ne tumhe mujhse cheen liya ... toh mera guroor haar jayega
Now if anyone steals you from me ... then my pride will loose
# 24
Doosron se haarke loser kehlane se kahin zyada bura hai ... khud se haarke loser kehlana
Being called a loser after losing to others is better than ... being called a loser after losing to yourself
# 25
Hum haar jeet, success failure mein itna ulajh gaye hai ... ki zindagi jeena bhool gaye hai ... zindagi mein agar kuch sabse zyada important hai ... toh woh hai khud zindagi
We're so lost in thinking about winning, losing, success, failure ... that we've forgotten about living life ... the most important thing in life is ... life itself
# 26
Apno se jeetkar bhi haar hi milti hai
You loose even when you win against your dear ones
# 27
Insaan jab luck ke bharose pe khelta hai, toh usse haarne ka darr rehta hai ... magar joh dil se khelta hai, luck hamesha uska saath deta hai
A person who plays relying on his luck, is scared of losing ... but the one who plays with his heart, even luck stays on his side
# 28
Insaan ka kartavya hota hai koshish karna ... kaamyabi nakaamyabi sab uske haath mein hai
It is the duty of a human to try ... success or failure is in the hands of God
# 29
Sab yeh sochte hai ki hero woh hota hai joh jeetta hai ... mera yeh manana hai ki hero woh hai joh haarta hai ... kyun ki wohi jaanta hai jeetne ki asli value
Everyone thinks that the one who wins is a hero ... but I believe that the one who loses is a hero ... since only he knows the real value of winning
# 30
Hamari amma bachpan se sikhayi ... haaro mat ... haar ko harao
My mother has taught me this since childhood ... don't lose ... instead defeat the loss
# 31
Tum kabhi jeet nahin paye ... kyunki tum hamesha mujhe harane ki soochte the ... aur main kabhi hara nahin ... kyunki main hamesha jeetne ki soochta tha
You never won ... because you always thought about defeating me ... and I never lost ... because I always thought about winning
# 32
Sache dil se ki gai har koshish ... kisi bhi haar jeet se badi hoti hai
Every attempt that is done with a true heart ... is bigger than losing or winning
# 33
Daud zindagi ka ho yah motor car ka ... maine kabhi haarna nahi seekha
Whether it is a race of life or car ... I have never learnt to lose
# 34
Khel khel mein, khel khel ke, khel khel yeh aa jayega ... haar jeet se, haar jeet ke, jeet haarna sikhayega ... khel khel mein
You'll learn the game when you play the game ... when you win and lose, then winning will teach you losing ... when you play the game
# 35
Agar you playing, may be you losing ... magar agar you running away, toh you pakka losing
If you play, may be you'll lose ... but if you run away, then you'll definitely lose
# 36
Harne ka risk lekar jeetne mein ... mujhe zyada maaza aata hai
Taking the risk of losing and then winning ... gives me more pleasure
# 37
Some goals are so worthy ... it's glorious even to fail
Some goals are so worthy ... it's glorious even to fail
# 38
Jeevan mein do tarah ke log aapke saath hamesha hone chahiye ... ek Krishna jaise joh aapke liye na bhi lade tab bhi aapki jeet pakki kar de ... aur doosre Karna jaise joh aapke liye tab bhi lade jab aapki haar saamne dikh rahi ho
In life two types of people should always be there with you ... one like Lord Krishna, who don't even fight for you but still they ensure that you win ... and second like Karna, who will fight for you even when you can see your defeat in front of you
# 39
Agar hamari kismat mein jeetna likha hoga toh hum jeetenge ... lekin hum haarne tak haar nahi manenge
If we are destined to win then we will win ... but we won't accept defeat until we lose
# 40
Main nakaamyab hoon yeh sach hai .... par jaanti ho, is ghar mein mujhse bhi nakaamyab kya hai? ... hamara rishta ... hamari shaadi
It is true, I am unsuccessful ... but do you know, what is more unsuccessful in this house? ... our relationship ... our marriage
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