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Abhishek Bachchan

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# 61
Joh zyada aage chalta hai usse yeh pata nahi chalta ... ki kab uske peeche poori game palat gayi ho
One who walks ahead a lot does not know ... when the whole game changes behind him
# 62
Main Bapu nahin hoon ... main bas apna dhanda karna jaanta hoon
I am not Gandhi ... I just know how to do my business
# 63
Hamare yahan galati pehli baar nahi ... aakhri baar hoti hai
Over here mistakes are not done for the first time ... they are done for the last time
# 64
Public se kya darna sahab ... main khud public hoon
What is there to be scared from public ... I am myself public
# 65
Baki sab ke liye Google hai
For everything else there is Google
# 66
Kuch log sapno ke peeche bhaagte hai kyun ki woh unhe sach karna chahte hai ... lekin kuch log sapno ki peeche is liye bhaagte hai kyun ki unhe apni sachai se bhaagna hota hai
Some people run behind their dreams since they want to make them true ... but some people run behind their dreams since they want to run away from their truth
# 67
Yeh world hai na world, is mein do tarah ke log hote hai ... pehle jinke paise ekhatte ho jaate hai ... aur doosre jinke paise kabhi ekhatte nahi hote
In this world, there are two types of people ... one who accumulate all the money they want ... and others who don't have a limit to what they can accumulate
# 68
Game aapka ... rules mere, players mere and no referee
Your game ... my rules, my players and no referee
# 69
Pyar kabhi kabhi door hoke bhi itna paas hota hai ... aur kabhi paas hoke bhi kitna door ki mann usse dekhne ke liye itna tarasta hai jaise ... tapta reghistan baarish ki pehli boond ko tarasta hai ... kabhi bhaad ki tarah aata hai toh sab kuch baha le jaata hai ... kabhi os bankar girta hai, sab toot jaata hai ... par pyaas nahi bhujti ... aaisa anokha hota hai pyar
Sometimes love being so far is still so close to us ... and sometimes being so close is still so far from us, that the heart yearns to see to her just like ... a hot desert yearns for the first drop of rain ... sometimes it comes like a flood and takes away everything with it ... sometimes it falls like a dewdrop and everything breaks ... still the thirst doesn't end ... that's how unusual love is
# 70
Aakhri twist villian ka nahi ... hamesha hero ka hota hai
The last twist does not belong to the villian ... it always belongs to the hero
# 71
Jab do pyar karne waale marte hai ... toh do pyar karne waale pehda ho jaate hai
When two lovers die ... then two lovers are born
# 72
Jab se tumhe dekha hai aankhen band ho ya khuli ... sirf tumhara chera nazar aata hai
Since I have seen you ... I always see your face, whether my eyes are closed or open
# 73
Sahi tarika apnaoge toh badi se badi kathenayi hal ho sakti hai
If you take the right approach then even the biggest problem can be solved
# 74
Sanskaron ka baandh bahut mazboot hota hai ... yeh milta hai pyar se, pariwar se aur desh se
The bonds of rituals are very strong ... you get them from love, from family and from the country
# 75
Yahan nalon mein pani ho na ho ... aankhon mein hamesha savan rehta hai
There may not be any water in the taps over here ... but it is always raining in the eyes
# 76
Fayda wahi hai joh sabka ho
True profit is in which everyone benefits
# 77
Jab zameer bikta hai ... toh zindagi bhi soot sameth vasooli karti hai
When you sell your conscience ... then life recovers it with interest
# 78
Goa aane ka mast chill maarne ka ... lekin dum nahi maarne ka
Come to Goa and chill ... but don't smoke
# 79
Yeh world hai na world, is mein do tarah ke log hote hai ... ek joh sirf sunte hai aur doosre joh sirf bolte hai
In this world, there are two types of people ... one who only listen and others who only talk
# 80
Ishq agar sacha ho toh qayamat tak zinda rehta hai
If the love is true then it stays alive till end of time
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