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Abhishek Bachchan

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# 81
Aaise kaamo mein dimaag kisi aur ka lagta hai, haath kisi aur ka ... aur vaat tere jaiso ka
In this kind of work someone uses their mind, someone uses their hand ... and people like you get screwed
# 82
Goli woh chalate hai joh dimag nahi chalate
Bullets are fired by those who don't use brains
# 83
Log pyar ko kahan kahan talash nahi karte hai ... par pyar apne aashiqon ko khud dhoond leta hai
People search for love in so many places ... but love itself finds its lovers
# 84
Yeh mera tera, tera mera ... is duniya ki sabsi badi problem hai
This is mine and that is yours ... is the biggest problem of this world
# 85
Taqat badhne se zimmedariyan bhi badh jaati hai
With great power comes great responsibility
# 86
Yeh world hai na world, is mein do tarah ke log hote hai ... ek joh saari zindagi school college mein time kharab karte hai ... aur doosre joh khud apna school hote hai
In this world, there are two types of people ... one who waste their entire life in school and college ... and others who are a school for themselves
# 87
Main ladies log ke saath shopping nahi karta hai, pata hai kyun? ... bhav tol bahut karte hai
I don't shop with the ladies, you know why? ... they bargain a lot
# 88
Main jaanta hoon ki mujhe apne aap se door karne ki tumhare paas hazar wajah hongi ... par tumse door na jaane ki mere paas sirf ek hi wajah hai ... main tumhare bina jee nahi sakta
I know that you may have thousands of reasons to keep me away from you ... but I only have one reason to not go far away from you ... which is that I can't live without you
# 89
Haan mera dil keh raha hai main sar se leke paon tak, tere sandali badan pe mohabbat likh doon ... mera dil keh raha hai main tere surkh taraste hoton ki lali pe, apne labon ki shabnami shararat likh doon ... haan mera dil keh raha hai tere pajeb ki jhankar pe, tere bahon ki chandan haar pe, apni bechaini ki halat likh doon ... mera dil keh raha hai tere uljhe kesu savar in aankhon ke aaine mein, tera dulhan sa roop niharon ... is mahekti zameen ki sej pe apne armano ki chahat likh doon, mohabbat likh doon, mohabbat
Yes my heart is saying that I want to write my love from head to toe on your body, which is so fragrant of sandalwood ... my heart is saying that let my drops of dew play a mischief upon your ochered dripping wet lips ... yes my heart is saying that I want to write about my restless condition on the chime of your anklets, on your arms so fragrant of sandalwood ... my heart is saying that I want to caress your tangled hair, I want you mirrored in my eyes resplendent as a bride ... I want to write my desires on this fragrant soil, I want my love etched, etched in
# 90
Pyar ko pyar mein pade bina samjha nahi ja sakta
You cannot understand love without falling in love
# 91
Unhi ke hathyar aur nishana bhi unhi ko banayenge
We will make them a target with their own weapons
# 92
Aadmi khane se gareeb hota hai, kapdon se gareeb hota hai ... lekin agar vicharon se gareeb ho na ... toh woh uski apni galati hoti hai
A man can be poor by what he eats, what he wears ... but if he is poor by his thoughts ... then that is his own mistake
# 93
Gaane toh ban jaate hai ... halaat se sur janam lete hai aur jazbaat se bol ban jaate hai
Songs are made with ease ... the tunes are born from the situation and the lyrics are made with the emotions
# 94
Hum jis mission par hai ... us mein goliyon ka hisaab nahi diya jaata
The mission that we are on ... we don't have to give an account for the bullets
# 95
Patient ko maarne se bemaari nahi marti
The disease doesn't die by killing the patient
# 96
Zindagi mein do cheez zaroori maani jaati hai ... pani aur sona ... pani ke bagair aadmi jee nahi sakta ... sona na khane ka kaam aata hai, na peene ka, na nahane ka, na dhone ka ... lekin phir bhi bhaav sone ka hai, pani ka nahi
In life two things are considered to be important ... water and gold ... a person can't live without water ... whereas gold isn't used for eating, drinking, washing, cleaning ... but still the price of gold is more than the price of water
# 97
India ka pehla billionaire main banunga, main ... na woh ... na koi aur
I'll become India's first billionaire ... not him ... and not anyone else
# 98
Kahani kirdaar se nahi ... halaat se pehda hoti hai
A story isn't born from a character ... it's born from a situation
# 99
Yeh hamburger aayega jayega ... magar yeh samosa hamesha rahega
The hamburger will come and go ... but this samosa will stay forever
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