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The Big Bull

Release Year - 2021
# 1
Is desh mein hum kuch bhi kar sakte hai ... nakli promoters use kar sakte hai ... police ko rishwat de sakte hai ... media ko dhamka sakte hai, logon ko khareed sakte hai, kuch bhi kar sakte hai ... bas ek rule hai ... pakde nahi ja sakte
We can do anything in this country ... we can use fake promoters ... we can give bribe to the police ... we can threaten the media, we can buy people, we can do anything ... but there's only one rule ... we cannot get caught
# 2
Is duniya mein na zyada tar log apni kismat likhwa kar laate hai ... lekin kuch log kismat khud likhte hai
Most people in this world are born with their destiny already written for them ... but some people write their destiny themselves
# 3
Kahani kirdaar se nahi ... halaat se pehda hoti hai
A story isn't born from a character ... it's born from a situation
# 4
Zindagi mein do cheez zaroori maani jaati hai ... pani aur sona ... pani ke bagair aadmi jee nahi sakta ... sona na khane ka kaam aata hai, na peene ka, na nahane ka, na dhone ka ... lekin phir bhi bhaav sone ka hai, pani ka nahi
In life two things are considered to be important ... water and gold ... a person can't live without water ... whereas gold isn't used for eating, drinking, washing, cleaning ... but still the price of gold is more than the price of water
# 5
India ka pehla billionaire main banunga, main ... na woh ... na koi aur
I'll become India's first billionaire ... not him ... and not anyone else
# 6
Jab aadmi upar, upar, aur upar jaata hai na ... utna hi neeche, neeche, neeche girta hai
When a person goes up and up in life ... then he falls that much down as well
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