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Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa

Release Year - 2000
# 1
Pasand cheez hi aaisi hai joh waqt ke saath badal jaati hai ... lekin pyar kabhi nahi badalta
Choice is a thing that changes with time ... but love never changes
# 2
Ishq agar sacha ho toh qayamat tak zinda rehta hai
If the love is true then it stays alive till end of time
# 3
Is duniya mein woh log bahut badkismat hote hai jinhe kisi ka pyar nahi milta ... lekin usse bhi zyada badkismat woh log hote hai jinhe pyar toh milta hai ... lekin uski kadar nahi karte, usse kho dete hai
People who don't get love from anyone are very unfortunate ... but more unfortunate than them are the people who do get love ... but they don't care for it and they lose it
# 4
Kabhi usse shaadi nahi karni chahiye jisse tum pyar karti ho ... balki shaadi usse karni chahiye joh tumhe pyar karta ho
Never marry the person whom you love ... instead marry the person who loves you
# 5
Gaane toh ban jaate hai ... halaat se sur janam lete hai aur jazbaat se bol ban jaate hai
Songs are made with ease ... the tunes are born from the situation and the lyrics are made with the emotions
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