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Abhishek Bachchan

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# 41
Zindagi bas ek safar hai ... sacha ghar toh sabka ek hi hai ... upar waale ka
Life is nothing but a journey ... the true home for everyone is just one ... God's place
# 42
Kabhi socha hai ki Mumbai ko sapno ka shehar kyun kaha jaata hai ... kyun ki yahan pe sapne sirf bungalow aur imaraton mein nahi ... galiyon ki gandi naaliyon mein bhi palte hai
Have you ever thought as to why Mumbai is called as the city of dreams ... because here dreams are not only seen in bungalows and buildings ... but they are also seen in the dirty gutters of the streets
# 43
Is duniya mein aadmi ka sabse bhari bhoj ... uski khali jeb hoti hai
In this world the heaviest burden a man carriers ... is his empty pocket
# 44
Aadmi jab bahut khush hota hai ... roh deta hai
When a person is very happy ... he cries
# 45
Pyar ki ek apni hi kundli hoti hai
Love has its own horoscope
# 46
Meri himmat aam aadmi ki himmat hai ... is desh ki himmat hai
My courage is a common mans courage ... it is the courage of this country
# 47
Hum mein kahin na kahin ek chota bachcha chupa hua hai ... joh bada hone se inkaar karta hai
There is a small child hidden somewhere within us ... who doesn't want to grow up
# 48
Khada ho jaon yah ... iske liye bhi license chahiye?
Can I stand ... or do I need a license for that also?
# 49
I'm gonna start the ignition of androoni emotion for manual operation with mutual consideration for production of future generation
I'm gonna start the ignition of inner emotion for manual operation with mutual consideration for production of future generation
# 50
Sab kuch nijhi hai ... sab kuch
Everything is personal ... everything
# 51
Chor ki sachchai sirf ek chor jaan sakta hai
Only a thief can know the truth of a thief
# 52
Love is cute ... but in this case the lover is mute
Love is cute ... but in this case the lover is mute
# 53
Zindagi se bhaagte bhaagte ek modh aaisa aata hai ... jab aage badne se pehle aapko rukna padta hai
When you run behind life there comes a turn ... when you have to pause before you move ahead
# 54
Kranti ka rasta aaisi paristitiyon se guzarta hai ... joh striyon ke liye surakshit nahi hai
The path of revolution passes through circumstances ... that are not safe for women
# 55
Gham aur thakaan ka mel ... jaanlewa hota hai
The combination of sadness and tiredness ... is life threatening
# 56
Apni rakam ... apna munafa!
Our money ... our profit!
# 57
Goa meri jaan ... jannat ki shaan
Goa my life ... the pride of heaven
# 58
Aapka shasan jise apradh kehta hai ... hamari bhasha mein usse kranti kehte hai
What your reign calls a crime ... in our language we call it revolution
# 59
Yeh nasihat nahi ... chetavani hai
This is not an advice ... it's a warning
# 60
Hamare dhande mein na bandook chalti hai, na bomb, na chaku ... chalta hai toh sirf ek hi cheez ... dimaag ... aur woh hamesha hamare saath rehta hai, loaded
In our business we don't use a gun, nor a bomb, nor a knife ... if there is anything that we use ... it is our mind ... and it always stays with us, loaded
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