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Jeevan Mrityu

Release Year - 1970
# 1
Vidhata ne jab jeevan aur mrityu ke daurahe par doobara lakar khada kar diya hai ... toh is khel ko jeevan ki baazi lagakar hi khatam karoonga
Since god has made me stand once again on the crossroads of life and death ... then I'll end this game by putting my life on the line
# 2
Izzat hamare jeevan ka updesh hai ... daulat toh sirf jeene ka sadhan hai
Respect is the moral of our life ... and money is just a mean for living
# 3
Paisa insaan ko woh cheez nahi de sakta joh usse shiksha se milti hai ... izzat ... shiksha insaan ko izzat ke saath jeena sikhati hai
Money can't give a person the thing that he gets from knowledge ... which is respect ... knowledge teaches a person to live with respect
# 4
Sui ke is chote se chhed mein se oont jaisa bhari bharkam janwar guzar sakta hai ... magar ishwar ke raj mein daulat ka pujari kabhi nahi ja sakta ... kyun ki wahan daulat ka koi mol nahi
A big animal like camel can pass through the small hole of a needle ... but under the rule of god, a money worshipper won't be able to pass ... because there is no value for money there
# 5
Izzat ke bagair insaan ka jeevan, mrityu samaan hai
Without respect, life and death means the same for a person
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