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Inaam Dus Hazaar

Release Year - 1987
# 1
Tere teer-e-neemkash ko koi mere dil se pooche ... yeh khalish kahan se hoti joh jigar ke paar hota ... joh nigah ki thi zalim toh phir aankh kyun churai ... wohi teer kyun na maara joh jigar ke paar hota
Someone should ask my heart about your half drawn arrow ... where would this pain have come from if it had pierced through my body ... why did you look away from me after looking into my eyes ... why didn't you fire the arrow that would have pierced through my body
# 2
Muskurate hue yun aaye woh maikhane mein ... ruk gayi saans chalakte hue paimaane mein
She came smiling into the bar in such a way that ... my breath stopped in the spilling goblet
# 3
Is safar mein isse khoobsurat ghatna aur kya ho sakti hai ... ki tera haath, haath mein aa gaya ... chirag raah mein jal uthe
In this journey there cannot be a more beautiful event than this ... where your hand comes in my hand ... and the lamps on the road start to glow
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