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Raampur Ka Lakshman

Release Year - 1972
# 1
Main paidahishi imaandar hoon ... baimaan ki maut marna mere liye beizzati hai
I'm honest from birth ... to die the death of a cheater is dishonour for me
# 2
Kadve sach se meetha jhoot kabhi kabhi achcha hota hai
Sometimes a sweet lie is better than the sour truth
# 3
Likhna padhna toh school mein sikhaya jaata hai ... lekin insaaniyat school mein nahi, sanskaron se aati hai
Writing and reading is taught in school ... but humanity doesn't come from school, it comes from values
# 4
Joota kitna bhi keemti ho paon mein hi pehna jaata hai ... sar pe nahi
No matter how expensive a pair of shoes are, they are still worn in the feet ... and not on the head
# 5
Pyar ka samay kam hai jahan ... ladte hai log kaise wahan
Where there is less time for love ... how can people fight there
# 6
Kaisa re baandha prem ka bandhan ... loot liya mera komal tann mann ... jaa ghar jaa tu dekh le darpan ... lagti hai burman ki lotan ... tu mera jogi main teri jogan ... main teri Rati tu mera Madan ... na main jogi na main Madan ... main toh hoon Raampur ka Lakshman
How strong is this bond of love ... it has stolen my soft body and heart ... go home and look at the mirror ... you look totally lost ... you're my love and I'm your lover ... I'm your Rati and you're my Madan ... neither I'm your love nor Madan ... I'm Lakshman from Raampur
Song Lyrics - Raampur Ka Lakshman
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